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Good working conditions: the company arranges a company car, workwear, work boots and the most importantly - everything is free.I have been working for 3 years.The company gives prospects if you want to stay longer in Poland. I submitted documents for a temporary residence card as an employee of this company and I received it very quickly.


I worked in this company in 2020 on the construction and on the tracks. Hotel conditions are very good. Also you can get an advance payment - that's a big plus for me, because I didn't have such an opportunity in my previous job.


Tu powinna znaleźć się otrzymana przez Ciebie rekomendacja. Użyj tego miejsca, aby udostępniać opinie o Tobie, świadczonych usługach lub Twojej firmie. Spraw, by odwiedzający jak najszybciej chcieli nawiązać z Tobą współpracę!

S. Wiśniak

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